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We believe leadership in the recruitment industry comes from "hands-on" experience and proven ability.  Companies, candidates, and recruiting professionals across the globe have trusted Janwood Group to assist with successful recruitment processes, and provide a broad reach to ensure superior results.
Our professionals know the industry practices we serve better than anyone. Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the executive recruiting process.  As consultative partners and trusted advisors, Janwood Group shares our experiences, best practices and knowledge to help our clients and candidates succeed.
Janwood Group’s methodologies drive competitive advantage, and our rigorous market research and analytics help deliver talent with speed, accuracy, and financial benefits. We realize that no two searches are alike.  Therefore our defined process allows us to complete your search in three stages.
Stage One - Orientation & Search Definition

Client Orientation
Janwood Group's search process begins with a meeting to understand your organization.  We discuss your team, culture, short and long-term objectives, and issues related to the search assignment. This thorough understanding provides a solid foundation for representing your firm and developing a recruitment strategy that addresses your needs.
Definition of Search Parameters and Strategy Development
Working collaboratively with you, we discuss the position description, defining key competencies as well as ideal criteria, which will serve as the measure by which both Janwood Group and your firm will evaluate potential candidates.  Keeping your goals and parameters in focus, we confer with you to create a customized and comprehensive plan to identify, recruit and attract qualified candidates, discussing resources, geographic range, compensation level, and how your opportunity will be presented in the marketplace.
Stage Two - Strategic Research and Evaluation

Candidate Identification
Using our strategy as a guideline, Janwood Group conducts targeted research of candidates, gathering new intelligence, utilizing our industry relationships, and referencing information within our proprietary database. The result of this intense information-gathering process is a preliminary list of professionals to be directly recruited or contacted for referrals.
Candidate Recruitment & Evaluation
The majority of highly skilled candidates are passive and are not actively seeking employment. Our credibility and knowledge of the industry enhances our ability to attract these candidates by discussing the benefits and opportunities that your organization provides in comparison to those available with their current employers.
Through an evaluation process that is aligned with the criteria established in Stage One, our consultants gain a comprehensive understanding of every candidate's academic and employment history, as well as personal strengths, weaknesses, personality, intellect, motivations, and management style. While technical skills are important, the right cultural fit is crucial and significantly impacts the placement's long-term success.
Stage Three - Candidate Selection, Negotiations and Integration

Interviews and Compensation Negotiations
As we evaluate top candidates and simultaneously perform initial reference checks, we share resumes, provide consultant comments, and, with you, determine the individuals to interview. We coordinate all meetings, assist in making the necessary travel arrangements, and help to prepare you for each interview. Following the first interviews, we provide feedback to all parties, and conduct formal reference checks on final candidates as subsequent rounds of interviews take place. When you are prepared to extend an offer to the selected finalist, Janwood Group consults with you to assemble and present an appropriate compensation package.
To assure mutual satisfaction, Janwood Group maintains frequent communication with you and the successful candidate following the completion of a search. We are committed to ensuring that the integration of the new executive progresses smoothly, that both parties' expectations are met, and that goals continue to be achieved.

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